Playlist for the Week of July 16, 2012

This week, we listen to the spiritual side of the Blues. The featured selection from Johnny’s Mailbox is “There’s A Light” from the self-titled album by Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown. The CD is available now on DialTone Records.

July 16, 2012

Playlist Format

Artist – Song Title – Album

1. Paul Thorn – Shelter Me Lord – What The Hell Is Goin On?
2. Tommy Lee Cook – God’s Little Acre – Outside Looking In
3. Sista Monica Parker – Glory Hallalujah! – Living In The Danger Zone
4. Fiona Boyes – Jesus Took Possession – Blues For Hard Times
5. Eric Bibb – Sinner Man – Deeper In The Well
6. Rory Block – Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin’ On – I Belong To The Band: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis
7. Stacy Mitchhart Band – Amazing Grace – Grown Ass Man
8. The Cold Stares – Ngs4u (Nobody’s Gonna Stand for You) – A Cold Wet Night And A Howling Wind
9. Brad Hatfield – John the Revalator – Uphill From Anywhere
10. Joe Louis Walker – Soldier For Jesus – Hellfire
11. Davina and the Vagabonds – Carry Him With You – Black Cloud
12. Scott Ramminger – I Dreamed I Met Jesus – Crawstickers
13. Mary Flower – Goin’ to Sit Down On the River ft. LaRhonda Steele – Misery Loves Company
14. Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown – There’s a Light – Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown


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