Michael Burks’ Final Album Out 8/21/12

Courtesy Alligator Records

Michael Burks passed away suddenly back in May of 2012 at the age of 54. Burks’ final album for Alligator Records will be released on August 21. Show of Strength features a dozen new songs, five of which were written or co-written by Michael Burks.

Alligator Records President Bruce Iglauer released a statement regarding the new record, noting…

…it was my decision to leave this album as we intended it, not as a memorial to a friend and bluesman gone, but as a living, breathing statement, sent straight from Michael’s heart and soul. Although Michael is not here, the music he recorded is indeed his show of his immense strength and spirit. It will live on, confirming forever his status as one of the greatest bluesmen of his generation.

Click Here to Pre-Order Show of Strength

2 thoughts on “Michael Burks’ Final Album Out 8/21/12

  1. Hi Johnny
    Thanks for the kind words about Michael Burks’ soon-to-be-released album, Show Of Strength. I’d like to make it clear that Michael wasn’t “hard at work: on this album at the time of his sudden death. He had completed all his parts–the tracking of each song under his and my supervision, the final vocals and the final solos, all done to his satisfaction. The only things that weren’t done were his hearing a few of the final mixes (he always left me to supervise the mixes, subject to his approval) and the final order of songs. Other than those mixes (I think there were three songs he hadn’t heard the very final mixes of) and sequence approval, every bit of the album is exactly the way Michael intended.

    I wouldn’t want your readers to think that this album was only half finished as the time of his death. All the important decisions had been made by Michael and me together (as co-producers).

    I am honored that Michael trusted me to work with him in the studio and I believe, as he did, that Show Of Strength is his finest recording. I only wish he had been able to stay with us for many more years and continue to make this soul-stirring music that is now his legacy.
    Bruce Iglauer

    • Bruce,
      I appreciate your comments and thank you for stopping by the site to clarify. I was shocked, like everyone, when I heard of Michael’s passing. I’m thankful that you and your staff had the foresight to understand how amazing his talent was and worked with him to release his music all these years. I look forward to listening to Show Of Strength.
      It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks again for everything you do.
      “Johnny Full-Time” John Luttrell

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