Official Statement RE: Closing of Loudcaster

John Luttrell’s statement regarding Loudcaster’s closing is included below this news item. Feel free to get up to speed, first.

Loudcaster, the internet radio hub, is shutting its doors for what they consider an unknown, but temporary, period of time. Loudcaster hosts a long list of internet radio stations, and provides a one-stop source for listeners of any type of radio to find what they’re looking for from one of the hundreds of independent stations broadcasting around the world in the Loudcaster family.

One of those Loudcaster family stations is, formerly Full-Time Blues Radio 24-7. “Johnny Full-Time” John Luttrell joined the Loudcaster family of radio networks after a period of time off the internet airwaves. The station had been dormant after John pulled his support from SWCast following allegations by the federal government that SWCast was not handling royalty payments properly.

Full-Time Blues Radio 24-7 was re-branded in an effort to eliminate confusion between the 24 hour stream and the weekly series, Full-Time Blues Radio, which is also hosted and produced by Luttrell. continues to broadcast on Loudcaster, currently.

Loudcaster officials released the following statement to broadcasters on August 31, 2012:

It’s Time to Say Goodbye After 2 Great Years
Loudcaster will be closing on Oct 1st.

The decision to close was not easy to make because we love on-line radio, the creativity of all you independent broadcaster and the excitement of millions that have heard you. It pretty much boiled down to the resources we have along with what we need to focus on versus what we want to focus on.

Our intention with Loudcaster was to change broadcasting by connecting broadcasters and listeners through a rich, interactive and social radio platform and transforming a passive media experience into an interactive one. Despite the best of intentions we wound up with a business model not too much different than a hosting company with the added complexities of music licensing. We’re solving problems that were solved by other services long ago and we’re just not passionate about that. At the end of the day If we’re not excited about what we do then then it’s only a matter of time before we make all of you unhappy.

So Loudcaster, as it currently stands, will be closing and re-opening down the road so we can focus on building the service we originally intended.

Statement From John Luttrell, Executive Prod. Full-Time Blues Radio/Owner,

I am sad to see Loudcaster closing down. I was incredibly disenfranchised over the SWCast fiasco, and was overjoyed when I was able to bring FTB 24-7 to Looudcaster. I have had a great relationship with them since I joined, and have nothing but great things to say about the folks at Loudcaster. They’ve kept their broadcasters well informed, and have provided me with great customer service each time I had a question or concern.

This situation is unfortunate for all parties involved, including the folks at Loudcaster. It seems they’ve gotten pulled away from their vision, and I cannot fault them for wanting to refocus.

I can identify with that issue, as well. I have been pouring my efforts into getting the weekly Full-Time Blues Radio program syndicated on more radio stations; and thus, I have not had the proper amount of time to devote to the stream. After working at my regular job all week, then recording a radio show, if the stream is on the air without any technical issues, I am usually satisfied.

So where do we go from here? I honestly don’t know at this moment. I will take this week to evaluate my options in terms of technical feasability, budget, and if I have the time to properly devote to maintaining a stream. This gives me an opportunity to really weigh out the plusses and minuses of trying to do a weekly show and a 24-7 station at the same time. I know that whichever road I take, I must feel like I am giving my listeners the best product I can, whether they listen to around the clock, or to Full-Time Blues Radio an hour each week.

Please stay tuned to and my Facebook page for further updates. Also, take this opportunity to listen to now, just in case this is the last hurrah!

I want to wish the Loudcaster folks the best of luck. I also want to say thank you to all of the folks who support my efforts to keep the Blues alive, from the independent artists, to the label reps, but especially the listeners. You fuel my passion when my flame gets low.

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