Blues Stars’ Health Updates

T-Model Ford suffered a stroke last weekend, and is residing in a Mississippi hospital. When I recorded the show, this week, doctors were not encouraged with T’s progress in recovering. However, the Blues community is quick to respond, and Facebook provides plenty of updates.

The latest news from those who have seen and talked with T-Model Ford and his family notes that he is considerably better – noting he’s awake and alert, although he’s still a little sluggish. His appetite has reportedly returned, which was a big concern. He was moved out of ICU, though, and will soon be relocating to a rehabilitation facility in an effort to get him home.

Fans are encouraged to send prayers, letters of encouragement, and cards to:
James Ford
443 South 7th St.
Greenville, MS 38703

Kid Ramos is said to be staying positive in the face of news that doctors are changing their strategy to combat his cancer. A huge benefit was recently held at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, and Blues musicians came in from across the country. There were also auctions, sales, and raffles that helped the event bring in a total of more than $5500 to help offset Kid Ramos’ medical costs. Bob Corritore called Kid during the show and put him on speakerphone, so he could thank fans in attendance for their prayers, support, and encouragement.

Fans can still help Kid Ramos’ cancer battle, by purchasing the Kid Ramos Benefit CD, which is available for sale now on the Blues Foundation’s website. Click Here to visit and Purchase the CD!

Finally, our friend Chris Tapp, of The Cold Stares, continues to battle cancer and was able to play a little guitar, this week. Please continue to pray for Chris and his family. All three of these men have an unrivaled passion for music and the Blues, but most importantly, they have a passion for their life that inspires us all.


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