Listen to the Show: Episode 1235 Vintage R&B

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This week, we’re listening to the sounds of Vintage Soul and R&B, with music from artists like JD McPherson, John Nemeth and Curtis Salgado. There’s also news about upcoming inductions into the Grammy Hall of Fame and a new Stevie Ray Vaughan anniversary CD set!

This week’s selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Is That Clear” by Nick Waterhouse. It comes off his stellar 2012 album Time’s All Gone, which is available now in a variety of formats, including Vinyl LP. Click Here for

1. Nathan James and the Rhythm Scratchers – I’m a Slave to You – What You Make Of It
2. Brandon Santini – You Ruined Poor Me – Songs Of Love, Money and Misery
3. Al Wood & the Woodsmen – Drunk Again – Right On Cue
4. The Harmonious Five – Truck & Trailer – Wanna Hear You Say Yeah!
5. The Bopcats – Marie Marie – 25 Years Of Rock N’ Roll
6. JD McPherson – Gentle Awakening – Signs And Signifiers
7. Terry Hanck – Side Tracked – Look Out!
8. Eddie Martin – Frog in the Long Grass – Looking Forward Looking Back
9. The Mannish Boys – Why Does Everything Happen to Me – Double Dynamite
10. Curtis Salgado – A Woman or the Blues – Soul Shot
11. Rick L Blues – Long Legged Woman – Good Luck On My Side
12. Matt Hill and the Deep Fryed Two – Let Me Put My Love Into You – Tappin’ That Thang
13. John Nemeth – Home in Your Heart – Name The Day!
14. Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear – Time’s All Gone

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