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The Charles Walker Band – “Hope”

Courtesy Charles Walker Band

Courtesy Charles Walker Band

This episode of Full-Time Blues Radio features an on location interview between Johnny Full-Time and Charles Walker band members Charles Walker and Porsche Carmon. The band recently brought their tour through Louisville, Kentucky, and sat down with JFT to catch up on all of the exciting things they’ve been up to since their other appearance on FTB Radio – back in 2010!

Based in Miwaukee, Wisconsin, the Charles Walker Band began as a group focused in the Blues, that drew on other musical influences. Over the years, the band has evolved into a very diverse band that blends Blues, Funk, Soul, R&B and more into their own original sound.

2012 was a big year for Charles Walker Band. The band released the live album ReSouled! earlier in the year, and followed that with Relentless, the first studio album to feature Porsche Carmon on vocals, in late 2012.

John, Charles and Porsche talk about all of that and much more in this episode of Full-Time Blues Radio, which features nine songs from four CWB albums!
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Charles Walker Band – Used and Defiant – Resouled!
Charles Walker Band – Momma’s Burden – Relentless
Charles Walker Band – Hope – Relentless
Charles Walker Band – Dog Catcher – The World And Things
Charles Walker Band – Bump It – Used And Defiant
Charles Walker Band – Soul Deep – Relentless
Charles Walker Band – Funky Sexy – ReSouled!
Charles Walker Band – Wore Out – Used And Defiant
Charles Walker Band – Welcome Home – Relentless


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