IBC in Photos and Video

Courtesy The Blues Paparazzzi

Courtesy The Blues Paparazzzi

The 29th International Blues Challenge was a huge success. Folks came to Memphis, Tennessee from all across the world to be a part of the world’s largest battle of the bands. If you’re like me, and couldn’t get off work to make the trip – or you went to the IBC and want to re-live the experience you had on Beale Street, we’ve collected a couple different ways you can do just that!

The Blues Paparazzzi has been a great friend of Full-Time Blues for several years, now. I met Sher at the WC Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival and she has been doing phenomenal work. She took a ton of images at the IBC finals and after party, and you can check them out at The Blues Paparazzzi on Facebook
You can also Click Here to directly link to TBP’s IBC photos

If you’re into moving pictures, Full-Time Blues Radio has assembled a playlist of two dozen videos featuring IBC performances. Just hit play and enjoy!

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