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This week, Full-Time Blues Radio features nearly a dozen brand new album arrivals, including an highly anticipated release inside “Johnny’s Mailbox.” There’s also a touching tribute to the life of Ann Rabson, Blues pianist, singer, and founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women.

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Courtesy Deep Rush

This week’s featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Bowlegged Woman” by Bobby Rush! It comes off Bobby’s brand new CD Down In Louisiana, which is available on his own Deep Rush Records. This is a fantastic album, from start to finish, and it’s highly reccommended.

Earlier this week, Bobby’s official website – – was down. We’ve linked you up, in case the site is back up, but you can also Click Here for Bobby Rush on Facebook to find more information.
Click Here to Get Down In Louisiana

1. Andy T Nick Nixon Band – Have You Seen My Monkey – Drink Drank Drunk
2. 4 Jacks – Painkiller – Deal With It
3. Lisa Cee – Cold Hearted Woman – My Turn
4. Hadden Sayers – Don’t Take Your Love (Out on Me) – Rolling Soul
5. Jack Semple – Shut Up – In the Blue Light
6. Lorenzo Menzerschmidt – Payday – Lorenzo Menzerschmidt
7. Teeny Tucker – Hard Time Killing Floor Blues – Voodoo To Do You
8. Ann Rabson with Bob Margolin – Let’s Go Get Stoned (Excerpt) – Not Alone
9. Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women – Haste Makes Waste (Excerpt) – Havin’ the Last Word
10. Ann Rabson with Bob Margolin – Caledonia (Excerpt) – Not Alone
11. Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women – The Bad Times (Excerpt) – Havin’ the Last Word
12. Ann Rabson with Bob Margolin – I’m Going To Live the Life I Sing About In My Song – Not Alone
13. Chicago Bob Nelson – I’m Just A Bad Boy – Tell Me Mama
14. Joe Bonamassa – Athens to Athens – An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House
15. Sweet Mama Cotton – Sweet Mama’s Blues – Suh-Weet
16. James Montgomery Band – Hit the Road Jack – From Detroit To The Delta
17. Bobby Rush – Bowlegged Woman – Down In Louisiana

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