Discovery: Tim Gearan

This is the second in an exclusive series on revealing music and information about artists and bands you may never have heard of. Please enjoy the material and share it with others so this amazing music can be enjoyed by everyone.

I am a huge fan of the television show Justified. I was catching up on Season 3 of the show ahead of the new, fourth season, when something caught my ear. During the season finale, there was one particular scene that I watched over and over. It wasn’t because of the storyline or the acting. While that was great, I was entranced because of the song in the background. After doing some online research, I discovered it was “Got To Help Me” by Tim Gearan.

That song is off a compilation titled Nothin’ But the Blues The copyright is listed to Heavy Hitters Music 2012, and Tim has two other songs on the record.

Courtesy Deeveeus Records

After I discovered who was singing this haunting number, I decided I would explore Tim’s music a little more in depth. There are varying influences to Tim Gearan’s music, with Blues, Folk, and Americana elements being near the forefront. Tim’s latest album, Riverboat has southern aspects like Dixieland Jazz and New Orleans influences. Gearan has that rare songwriting ability that is highly sought after. His songs consist of beautiful character sketches, moving scenery pieces, and literary landscapes.

You can visit Tim Gearan’s official website By Clicking Here to Visit

With each album released, Tim Gearan builds upon the list of loyal fans who love his music. Tim Gearan’s fan base is creative and rabid for that music. Don’t believe me? Watch this video and see for yourself.

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