Florida Exhibit Combines Blues Art, History and Music

Classic Performance Video by Koko Taylor Below This Story!
A Gainseville, Florida cultural center is unveiling a new way to experience Blues music that incorporates art, history and music. The Thomas Center is hosting a new interactive exhibit through September 7, 2013 called “Blues Pioneers and Their Progeny.” This exhibit revolves around 40 paintings of Blues legends, including Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Koko Taylor and more. This artwork was produced by one man simply known as Ty the Portrait Guy.

In addition to the art, organizers have crafted a full experience for visitors by adding short biographies on each Blues legend’s life and career. What’s more – using an app on your smartphone, visitors can interact with the exhibit by listening to songs by each of these artists!

Thomas Center officials noted in a news report that the exhibit is less of a history of the Blues, and more of a way for folks to hear some of the genre’s greatest artists – and hopefully explore the catalog of music further, on their own. The exhibit is open to the public, and you can Click Here for the Exhibit’s Official Website.


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