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This week’s show features some big time premiers and truly independent releases. There’s also a tribute to T-Model Ford, who passed away this past week. It’s a diverse playlist, too, featuring some vintage-style, acoustic-based tunes, some piano Blues, and some rollicking tracks guaranteed to get your feet moving!

Courtesy Alligator

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “I Left My Baby,” by Roomful of Blues. It comes off their brand new Alligator Records release 45 Live – a celebration of the band’s 45 years! 45 Live is available everywhere beginning July 30, 2013.

While everyone discusses the longevity of bands like The Rolling Stones, Roomful of Blues have quietly built a career approaching five decades. In order to commemorate 45 years, the band gathered together with their most rabid fans for this new live recording. It was recorded live over three days at The Ocean Mist in Rhode Island, and it features 14 songs. You can find more information about the album, catch up on the band’s lengthy history, and much more on the official Roomful of Blues website,

1. Dana Fuchs – Bliss Avenue – Bliss Avenue
2. Poplar Jake – Whipping Boy – From The Delta To The Docks
3. Nick Charles & Doc Span – Down By The Riverside – All About Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
4. FrontPorch Revival – Preachin’ Blues/Parchman Farm – Live at the Winchester Music Hall 2012
5. Les Lucky – Shades of Blue – Frets & Hammers
6. T-Model Ford – Ask Her for Water – Bad Man
7. Jumpin’ Jack Strobel – Up the Line – Things Have Changed
8. BPTCB – My Way Back Home – Six Pack of Cool
9. Little Elmore Reed Blues Band – Young Girl – Little Elmore Reed Blues Band
10. Barrelhouse – Blue Eyes – Barrelhouse
11. Andy Poxon – Too Bad – Tomorrow
12. Bobby Messano – That’s the Way of the World – Welcome To Deltaville
13. Roomful of Blues – I Left My Baby – 45 Live

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