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This week, Full-Time Blues Radio walks in the light of the LORD, so to speak…It’s a brand new listen to the Spiritual Side of the Blues. The Blues was once refered to as “The devil’s music,” and the battle between good versus evil has always been a running theme in the genre’s mythology. We dedicate this week to Hymns and songs of worship, all coming out of the Blues world in the last roughly two-and-a-half years.

Courtesy F&G Band

This week’s featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” keeps the tradition of the show theme. The song, “Tighten Up Your Bible Belt,” comes off the brand new release by the F&G Band. For their last album, 2011’s Grease Up Yo Strut, The F&G Band featured Edlene Hart on lead vocals. This time around, Sandra Taylor is up front, singing on the new album Pass It On.

There are 12 new recordings on this record, which is a truly independent release, put out by the band themselves and available through their website. For more information about The F&G Band, the new album Pass It On, and much more – Click Here and Visit

1. The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – Are You Listening Lord? – Checkered Past
2. Wooden Horse – All Prayed Up – What Comes Around
3. Sista Jean & CB – Speak to Me Lord – Back To The Root
4. Lurrie Bell – It’s a Blessing – The Devil Ain’t Got No Music
5. Ruff Kutt Blues Band – When a Bluesman Goes to Heaven – That’s When The Blues Begins
6. Gino Matteo – Here Comes the Lord – Sweet Revival
7. Heritage Blues Orchestra – Chilly Jordan – And Still I Rise
8. The Blues Broads – Jesus I’ll Never Forget – The Blues Broads
9. Jeff Pitchell – My Jesus – American Girl
10. Mighty Orq – I Saw the Light – Soulful City
11. Grady Champion – Glory Train – Tough Times Don’t Last
12. Too Slim and the Taildraggers – Angels Are Back – Blue Heart
13. F&G Band ft. Sandra Taylor – Tighten Up Your Bible Belt – Pass It On

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