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Courtesy Wheatley Press

Courtesy Wheatley Press

Johnny Full-Time reopens the doors to the Home For New & Independent Blues Music with a bakers dozen of new tunes. All but two of the albums this week have never been featured on the show, which says a lot about the amount of new music that has poured into our studios in recent weeks! There are many self released albums here as well, reinforcing our commitment to independent artists.

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “That’s My Story” by Gary US Bonds. The song was released to radio as a way to promote the brand new autobiography of the same name. Gary US Bonds reflects on his incredible life and career for the new book, That’s My Story, which is available now from Wheatley Press. The song is similar, providing small capsules of big events in the life of Gary US Bonds – all packaged together into an absolutely fantastic song! For more information about this book, along with details about Gary US Bonds’ music and tour dates, Click Here to Visit

Click Here to Read An Exclusive Sample From the Book!

1. Chicago Blues All Stars – Snatch It Back and Hold It – Red, Hot & Blue
2. Phil Gates – Messin’ With the Kid – Live At The Hermosa Saloon
3. Cash Box Kings – Gimme Some of That – Black Toppin’
4. Voo Davis – Whisper – Vicious Things
5. Jim Shaneberger – The Storm is Coming – Work In Progress
6. Charlie Faye – Stone in the Road – You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lonely
7. Loretta and the Bad Kings – Hittin’ on Nothin’ – Loretta And The Bad Kings
8. The Jeremiah Johnson Band with The Sliders – Cut That Chain – Brand Spank’n Blue
9. Tommy Keys – Life is Too Short – Devils Den
10. Guy Davis – Statesboro Blues – Juba Dance
11. Sugaray Rayford – In the Dark – Dangerous
12. Roy Book Binder – Poker Playin’ Papa – The Good Book
13. Gary US Bonds – That’s My Story – Unreleased Radio Single

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