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Summer’s over, and Fall has officially begun, but the music on this week’s episode of Full-Time Blues Radio is turning up the heat! There’s a bakers dozen of the best in Blues packed inside the playlist, this week, and 11 out of those 13 songs are brand new arrivals! Shawn Holt makes his debut on Blind Pig Records, hear a fantastic duet between Willie Nelson and Mavis Staples, and Danielle Schnebelen front’s Trampled Under Foot with some incredible vocals on a cover of the late James Brown. Those are just some of the highlights from another incredible shift inside the Home for New & Independent Blues Music.

Courtesy Stony Plain

Courtesy Stony Plain

This week’s featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “What I Got to Give” by Monkeyjunk. It comes off their latest album All Frequencies, which is available on Stony Plain Records. The trio is constantly growing and evolving, and this latest album may be their most ambitious yet. It’s great music from a great band, but if you’re a Blues purist, it might take some getting used to in spots.

Personally, I dig it, and I am thankful that Stony Plain and Monkeyjunk sent it along. If you want more information about the band, their three albums, tour dates, and much more – Click Here to Visit

1. Shawn Holt & the Teardrops – Daddy Told Me – Daddy Told Me
2. Will Wilde – Mean Mistreatin’ Mama – Raw Blues
3. Daddy Long Legs – The Devil’s in the Details – The Devil’s In The Details
4. Anders Osborne – Windows – Peace
5. Grand Marquis – Bed of Nails – Blues And Trouble
6. Willie Nelson – Grandma’s Hands ft. Mavis Staples – To All The Girls
7. Dan Dinnen – Done With Talking – Last Thing On My Mind
8. Trampled Under Foot – It’s a Man’s Man’s World – Badlands
9. Candye Kane – When Tomorrow Comes – Coming Out Swingin’
10. Laura Rain and the Caesars – Four Long Years – Electrified
11. Nuno Mindelis – Tom Plaisir – Angels & Clowns
12. Forty4 – Just Good Cause – 44 Minutes
13. Monkeyjunk – What I Got To Give – All Frequencies

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