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I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. 2013 rolls on, and Full-Time Blues Radio isn’t stopping, so we’re back with another stacked playlist that features nine of 13 albums that are new arrivals to the show.

Courtesy Shortstack Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Back to You.” The track comes off the 2013 album release by Johnny Sansone, Once It Gets Started. The harmonica ace teamed up with Anders Osborne, who produced the album, and Johnny Sansone wrote all but two of the 11 songs.

Johnny is arguably crafting some of the best music of his career, and Once It Gets Started is another great album that follows hot on the heels of his successful album The Lord Is Waiting And The Devil Is Too. For complete information about the new album, Johnny Sansone’s tour schedule, and much more, check out his official website at the link. Click Here to Visit

Scroll down below the playlist to enjoy a live video of Johnny Sansone performing “Once It Gets Started!”

  1. Davis Coen – Singing In My Spirit – Get Back In
  2. Tail Dragger – So Ezee – Stop Lyin’ The Lost Session
  3. Deb Ryder – Really Gone – Might Just Get Lucky
  4. Brandon Santini – Been So Blue – This Time Another Year
  5. Terry Manning – New Shade Of Blue – West Texas Skyline
  6. Eric Bibb – She Got Mine – Jericho Road
  7. Dan Bubien – Sniper – Empty Roads
  8. The Undaunted Professor Harp – My Life: An Exercise In Blue – They Call Me The Professor
  9. Gary Hoey – Going Down – Deja Blues
  10. Philip Sayce – Steamroller – Steamroller
  11. The Todd Wolfe Band – Come What May – Miles To Go
  12. Shawn Holt and the Teardrops – Get Your Business Straight  – Daddy Told Me
  13. Johnny Sansone – Back To You – Once It Gets Started

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