Discovery: Sad Sam Blues Jam

Courtesy Caroline Johnson

Courtesy Caroline Johnson

The Sad Sam Blues Jam are based out of Bloomington, Indiana. The four piece features sister act Sadie (lead guitar and vocals) and Sam Johnson (bass) up front, alongside Krista Hess (guitar) and Matt McCarthy (drums). The band represented the River Basin Blues Society in the 2014 International Blues Challenge youth showcase. It was the second year in a row that Sad Sam played at the event.

The 30th IBC, however, saw Sad Sam Blues Jam garnering an immense buzz for their passion for their music, as well as their skill in playing it. Comments from across social media were talking about the group of young Hoosiers putting on amazing shows.

Just in time for this year’s International Blues Challenge, the band has released Finally…The EP, a six song set of tunes available for purchase now. Click Here to Preview the songs and Purchase the EP

The Sad Sam Blues Jam is a young band picking up considerable momentum; and they have a very bright future ahead of them. This is definitely one of those scenarios where you want to get be able to say, “I saw them when…”

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4 thoughts on “Discovery: Sad Sam Blues Jam

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  2. SadSam is blessed with two outstanding drummers, Matt McCarthy and the one pictured here and playing in the clips, Jacob Gates.

  3. You are all so great together & so young to be playing the blues.Just go on with what you’re doing & you’ll be chart toppers. As they say with ‘Blues you can’t go wrong’ & the ‘Blues’ fans all over would bless you.

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