Full-Time Blues Radio Adds Carrier In Mississippi

full-time-blues-logo-white-2010_mediumFebruary 10, 2014 – Full-Time Blues Radio, the weekly, hour-long radio program specializing in new and independent Blues music, has grown its roster of carriers, with the addition of WJSU-FM. The Jackson, Mississippi radio station will air Full-Time Blues Radio every Sunday at 6:00 AM, beginning the week of February 24, 2014.

“It’s an honor each time a station deems Full-Time Blues Radio worthy to be on their air,” said John Luttrell, the executive producer and host who goes by the nickname “Johnny Full-Time” on the show. “It’s really special to join the family at WJSU,” Luttrell added, “because the state of Mississippi is considered by many to be the birthplace of Blues music.”

It’s also a shared commitment to the next generation that makes the relationship such a great fit, as well. WJSU-FM provides practical experience for Jackson State University Mass Communication students. Full-Time Blues Radio takes pride in playing “tomorrow’s legends today,” crafting playlists and featuring interviews with today’s stars and tomorrow’s legends of the genre.

Jackson State University’s WJSU-FM broadcasts 24/7 on a 24,500 watt transmitter, as well as globally through their online web stream at http://www.wjsu.org
They hold memberships to National Public Radio, American Public Media and Public Radio International.

WJSU joins two additional FM stations in the United States that carry Full-Time Blues Radio weekly (WUEV Evansville, Indiana and KPVL Postville, Iowa,) as well as the international network Radio New Zealand, who began broadcasting the show in 12-week seasons last year.

More information and streaming archive episodes of Louisville, Kentucky based Full-Time Blues Radio can be found online at http://www.fulltimeblues.com


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