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The Home for New & Independent Blues Music expands, playing Cajun, Zydeco, and a little bit of Jazz. This week, we listen to the sounds of Louisiana on Full-Time Blues Radio! Sure, New Orleans is constantly in the discussion of best music cities, but the entire state of Louisiana has created some of the most beloved music in a huge variety of styles. Like the food in Louisiana, the music down there often times features ingredients of all these different genres combining into an incredible feast for the ears. From legendary performers from the state, to international stars influenced by Louisiana’s music and culture, to younger stars keeping the traditions alive – this episode of Full-Time Blues Radio literally has something for everyone. One act I mentioned in the show, The Cajun Roosters, can be found online here: Click Here to visit

Courtesy Arhoolie Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is a spoken word introduction and the song “Grave Digger’s Blues” by “Papa” Lemon Nash. Nash was born in Lakeland, Louisiana, grew up in New Orleans, and performed throughout the United States in traveling medicine shows and circuses. He spent a large amount of his life as a performer in New Orleans, playing on street corners, in Jackson Square, and hustling money wherever he could by playing his signature ukulele.

Arhoolie Records released Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour in February 2014, and will soon release the recordings to vinyl, as well. These recordings were captured in three sessions between 1959 and 1961 by folklorists Harry Oster and Richard Allen. Arhoolie obtained the recordings and have now made them available on this album, only the second commercially available release featuring Papa Lemon Nash. Click Here for complete album information from

1. Allen Toussaint – It’s A New Orleans Thing – Songbook
2. Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience – In the Dog House/Dans La Maison Des Chien – Dockside Sessions
3. Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band – Corey’s Breakdown – Destiny
4. Cajun Roosters – That Was Your Mother – Hell Yeah!
5. Jan Luley – Mamanita – Boonoonoonous
6. Cyril Neville – Swamp Funk – Magic Honey
7. The Savoy Family Band – Eunice Two Step – They All Played For Us: Arhoolie Records 50th Anniversary Celebration
8. Anders Osborne – When Will I See You Again? – Black Eye Galaxy
9. David Egan – One Foot in the Bayou – David Egan
10. Macy Blackman & The Mighty Fines – Just the Same – I Didn’t Want To Do It
11. Buddy Flett – Nothin Easy – Rough Edges
12. Lemon Nash – We Played Everywhere (Speech) – Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour
13. Lemon Nash – Grave Digger’s Blues – Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour

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