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Sandi Thom hails originally from Scotland, but resides in Los Angeles with boyfriend Joe Bonamassa. She spent time signed with Sony, who released her first two full length albums under the RCA label. In 2009, Sandi walked away from the big label machine to form her own independent label, Guardian Angels Records, and began crafting music the way she felt was more true to herself. She has released three albums on her own, including her latest, 2013’s The Covers Collection. The album sees her interpreting artists and bands ranging from Bonnie Raitt to Nine Inch Nails.

Courtesy Guardian Angels Records

Johnny Full-Time is joined by Sandi Thom on the telephone for conversation and music on this week’s edition of Full-Time Blues Radio. The pair talk about Sandi’s do-it-yourself approach to making music, her passion for her fans, her upcoming world tour, and much, much more. Throughout the hour, there is music featured from all three of Sandi’s self released records. Make sure to check out the links to Sandi’s various websites, and catch the music videos posted below this week’s playlist for more music from Sandi Thom.
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1. Sandi Thom – Black Velvet – The Covers Collection
2. Sandi Thom – Stormy Weather – Flesh & Blood
3. Sandi Thom – Merchants & Thieves – Merchants & Thieves
4. Sandi Thom – Runaway Train – Merchants & Thieves
5. Sandi Thom – The Rain Song – The Covers Collection
6. Sandi Thom – Dream On – The Covers Collection
7. Sandi Thom – Big Ones Get Away ft Buffy Sainte-Marie – Flesh & Blood
8. Sandi Thom – This Ol’ World ft Joe Bonamassa – Merchants & Thieves

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