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Full-Time Blues Radio returns to a diverse playlist of new & indie Blues styles, with a fresh crop of brand new arrivals. Things kick off with some North Mississippi Hill Country sounds, weave into a set of Live Blues Rock, and there’s some piano Blues and acoustic sounds along the way!

Courtesy Vizz-Tone

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox,” this week, is “Bad Time Blues.” It’s performed by Mikey Junior, and it appears on his brand new album Traveling South.

Mikey Junior enlisted the help of Dave Gross to produce this album for 8th Train Music and Swing Nation Records. It is being distributed through the Vizz-Tone label group family; and I firmly believe that with the exposure it will gain through these partnerships, the music is so good on this album that it will launch Mikey Junior onto the world stage and establish him as one of the men at the forefront of his generation of performers.

You can watch the official music video for the album’s title cut below this week’s playlist, and you can find out much more information about Mikey Junior and the album Traveling South at his official website –

1. Pork Chop Willie – Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Save My Soul) – Love Is The Devil
2. The Muggs – Leanin’ Blues – Full-Tilt
3. Joanne Shaw Taylor – Just Another Word – Songs From The Road
4. Mitch Laddie Band – Open Your Eyes (Take it Back) – Live In Concert
5. Terry Quiett Band – Get Back On – Taking Sides
6. Terry Davidson and The Gears – Deep in the Blues – Sonic Soul Sessions
7. Tom Jones – Traveling Shoes – Spirit In The Room
8. Wildcat O’Halloran Band – Drownin (Flu Bug) – Party Up In Heaven
9. Sweet Mama Cotton – One Lonely Year – Suh-Weet
10. Arthur Migliazza – Bourbon Street Parade – Laying It Down
11. Guy Davis – Saturday Blues – Juba Dance
12. Ari Frello – Never Lose Faith In You – A Simple Man Until The End
13. Mikey Junior – Bad Time Blues – Traveling South

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