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Blues music has always seen subgenres that were categorized by location. Famous examples include Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, and North Mississippi Hill Country Blues. These days, the hotbeds of the Blues include Florida (Damon Fowler, Albert Castiglia, Derek Trucks), and the Bay Area in California (Cathy Lemons, San Jose’s Tommy Castro, and John Nemeth before he moved to Memphis.) Another region producing incredible Blues talent is Canada, and that is the focus of this week’s edition of the program.

This week, Johnny Full-Time explores the Blues from the Great White North with music from throughout the majestic nation. A few stops on our journey include towns in Ontario, New Brunswick, and the Yukon Territory. There’s rural sounds and big city hits in all styles of the music.


The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Jim ‘O Jim” by Brandon Isaak. It comes off his brand new, independent album Here On Earth, which is available now. Brandon, also known as “Yukon Slim,” has spun a solo career out of his time with Canadian Jump Blues band The Twisters. His previous album, Bluesman’s Plea turned a ton of heads, and he is poised to do so once again. You can find out more about Brandon Isaak, view his tour schedule, and purchase his music directly from his website.
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Make Sure to check below the playlist to watch a video providing a behind the scenes look at the production of Here On Earth.

1. Monkeyjunk – Right From Wrong – All Frequencies
2. Raoul and the Big Time – Amphetamine – Hollywood Blvd
3. Chris Antonik – Come From A Good Place ft. Shakura S’Aida – Better For You
4. Andre Bisson – Ever Since She Went Away – Bad Scene
5. Soulstack – Not the Only One – Five Finger Discount
6. Sunday Wilde – Walk With Me – He Digs Me
7. Matt Andersen – Weightless – Weightless
8. Downchild – Somebody Lied – I Need A Hat
9. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band – Blow Wind Blow – Live In Hamilton
10. Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne – Keep On Rockin’ – Rollin’ With The Blues Boss
11. Harpdog Brown – Doncha Know I Loves Ya – What It Is
12. Harrison Kennedy – Cry for Mother Africa – One Dog Barkin’
13. Brandon Isaak – Jim O Jim – Here On Earth

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