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Our studios are overrun with new releases, so there’s no shortage of new and independent Blues music coming your way over the next several weeks. This week features a dozen tracks never played on the show before, including 10 from 2014 album releases. There are some top names on the program, too, including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Nick Moss, and young gun Selwyn Birchwood. And, be sure to scroll below this week’s playlist, where you can watch a video of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band in studio on “You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover.”

Courtesy Yellow Dog Records

Eden Brent is back with a brand new album on Yellow Dog Records! The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox is “Better This Way.” The song comes off Eden Brent’s new CD, Jigsaw Heart, which is available now. I’m grateful that the folks at Yellow Dog sent this one along, and I am super excited to share it with you! Eden Brent is without question, one of the best piano players on the planet, and her voice is incomparable. For more information and details on the new record and her tour schedule, Click Here to Visit

1. Selwyn Birchwood – Overworked And Underpaid – Don’t Call No Ambulance
2. Duncan Street – Watermelon, BBQ & Beer – Baptized By The Blues
3. Sugar Brown – Hook-a-Boogie – Sugar Brown’s Sad Day
4. Richard “Rip Lee” Pryor – Stuck On Stupid – Nobody But Me
5. Nick Moss Band – No Reason – Time Ain’t Free
6. Li’l Ronnie & the Blue Beats ft Claudia Carawan – Too Fast for Conditions – Unfinished Business
7. Kenny Wayne Shepherd – I Love The Life I Live – Goin’ Home
8. Sad Sam Blues Jam – Just Won’t Cut It – The EP
9. Dudley Taft – The Reason Why – Screaming In The Wind
10. Carmen Grillo – The Nature of the Beast – A Different World
11. Ten Foot Polecats – Prescription – Undertow
12. Eden Brent – Better This Way – Jigsaw Heart

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