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New music continues to pour into the workshop here inside the Home for New & Independent Blues Music, and we continue to offer listeners the most variety of Blues releases on radio! This week, I’ve lined up a dozen new tracks never before played on our program.

Courtesy Fat Head Records

This week’s featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is the track “Let Me Breathe.” It comes off the new album Original by Janiva Magness. Janiva has broken out on her own and is in complete control, as she is releasing this CD on her very own Fat Head Records imprint. It is available beginning June 24, 2014.

Janiva co-wrote the majority of songs that appear on the new record; and you can find complete information about Original, Janiva’s tour dates, and much more, on the official website –

Scorll down to view this week’s playlist; but first, here is a video of Janiva talking about the new CD and much more, in her own words.

1. Seth Freeman Band – Red Dress – Seth Freeman Band
2. Steve Hill – Never is Such a Long Time – Solo Recordings Vol. 2
3. Matt Hill and the Deep Fryed 2 – Caramel Baby – Tappin’ That Thang
4. David Michael Miller – Spent – Poisons Sipped
5. Savoy Brown – Going Back – Goin’ To The Delta
6. Andy T Nick Nixon Band – Good Man – Livin’ It Up
7. Johnny Oskam – Fuel My Flames – Soul Search
8. Mick Kolassa – Time Ain’t On My Side – Michissippi Mick
9. Kelly Hunt – The Sweet Goodbye – The Beautiful Bones
10. The Forrest McDonald Band – River of Tears – Turnaround Blues
11. Lee Palmer – Do What I Does – 60 Clicks
12. Janiva Magness – Let Me Breathe – Original

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