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The show kicks off this week with a brand new release from Elvin Bishop, and we never take our foot off the throttle. Episode 1431 is stacked and packed with great tunes, including that opening number from Elvin Bishop (which features Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica.) Make sure to scroll below this week’s playlist and watch a great video featuring behind the scenes footage with Elvin and friends in the studio during the production of his latest album Can’t Even Do Wrong Right.

In addition, there’s a set of live music, kicking off with new Coco Montoya. There is also several truly independent releases, such as Blue Moon Marquee, Kaye Bohler, and more!

Courtesy American Showplace Music

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is the track “Big Mama.” It comes off the buzzworthy release from Alexis P Suter Band titled Love The Way You Roll.

This album is getting a lot of attention from the Blues community, and rightfully so. The music is top notch, and this track is the perfect example of why this album is blowing doors off. Alexis P Suter Band is on the road, working hard to promote the CD, and you can find out more about their tour stops, the album, and the band by visiting

1. Elvin Bishop – Old School – Can’t Even Do Wrong Right
2. Coco Montoya – I Got A Mind To Travel – Songs From The Road
3. Kelly Richey – Fast Drivin’ Mama – Live At The Blue Wisp
4. Chaz DePaolo – Chicago 101 – One Night Live In Iona
5. Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues – Back Alley Cat – Blues Shock
6. Missy Anderson – Whole Lotta Nuthin’ – In The Moment
7. Makuini – I Just Want to Make Love To You – Blues In My Bones
8. Kaye Bohler – Handle the Curves – Handle The Curves
9. Johnny Drummer – Another Rooster Is Pecking My Hen – Bad Attitude
10. Blue Moon Marquee – Pipeliner Blues – Lonesome Ghosts
11. Steve Dawson – Rattlesnake Cage – Rattlesnake Cage
12. Berdon Kirksaether – Another One Going Down – Latenighters Under A Full Moon
13. Alexis P. Suter Band – Big Mama – Love The Way You Roll

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