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Pack your suitcase, this week, Full-Time Blues Radio is globetrotting across the planet with some Worldwide Blues. “The Great American Music” may have been born here, but it’s roots began overseas, and the music has grown to captivate artists and audiences in every nation. This week’s episode of the show sets out to prove that with a small sample of the Blues beyond our borders. As you look at the playlist, this week, note the parentheses that feature the nation each artist or band hails from. There are 13 songs on this week’s show, and there are 13 countries represented – none of which are the United States.



The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Make It Right,” by Drew Nelson. It appears on his 2014 release The Other Side. Drew Nelson formed a career as a touring musician in Canada, before walking away from it all for roughly eight years. The itch to return to music was spurred on by Steve Marriner, who encouraged Nelson to begin making music once again. Drew and Steve formed a bond when a young Steve Marriner would be welcomed on stage to jam with Drew Nelson’s band. Steve Marriner produced the new album, plays harmonica on some of the tracks, and also helped flesh out some of the songwriting. It’s truly a return to form for Drew Nelson, and the finished product is an album of 11 songs that is gaining buzz across Canada and beyond.

The Other Side is a truly independent release, and it is available now. You can find more information about this album, about Drew Nelson, and so much more, by simply visiting his official website –

1. Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Denmark) – Play On – Too Many Roads
2. Ari Frello (Brazil) – Crossroads – A Simple Man Until The End
3. Hans Theessink (Netherlands) – Kathmandu – Wishing Well
4. Dani Dorchin (Israel) – Take Your Time – One Man Band
5. Little G. Weevil (Hungary) – Moving – Moving
6. The Stayers (Australia) – House Working Man – About Time
7. Bobby Dirninger (France) – Gogo Town – In The End…And Even More
8. Joanne Shaw Taylor (England) – Diamonds in the Dirt – Songs From The Road
9. Makuini (New Zealand) – I Got My Mojo Working – Blues In My Bones
10. Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings (Norway) – Go Cat Go – Latenighters Under A Full Moon
11. Sandi Thom (Scotland) – Sun Comes Crashing Down – Flesh & Blood
12. Linda Valori (Italy) – Your Love is so Doggone Good – Days Like This
13. Drew Nelson (Canada) – Make It Right – The Other Side

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