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Amazing music, CD giveaways, rare performance footage…this posting has it all! Please make sure to check out this entire article, because I would hate for you to miss anything, especially your chance to win free music and watch a performance video of the late Sean Costello. I hope you enjoy. – Johnny Full-Time

This week’s show is stuffed with some incredible new Blues tunes. The fall 2014 releases continue to roll in, and we’re spreading the love over the course of a few shows. That way, we can work in some older releases that have flown under the radar. Don’t worry, though. These “older releases” came out in 2014, as well, except for two 2013 CDs. Stream this week’s show directly above. Click Here to Enter This Week’s Giveaway

Courtesy Vizz-Tone

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “I Went Wrong” by Sean Costello. It comes off the brand new record, In The Magic Shop, which is available now from the Vizz-Tone Label Group. Sean passed away, tragically, back in 2008. This album was recorded in 2005, and the people close to Sean left it unreleased as they dealt with his loss and shaped these sessions into the album he envisioned.

It is an amazing record, with a great mix of original, personal songwriting and well chosen covers. It will be regarded as one of the best records to come out in 2014. Perhaps, just as importantly, 100% of the money earned from the sale of In The Magic Shop goes to directly support the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bi-Polar Research. This organization was founded by Sean’s mother after his passing to selflessly fight against Bi-Polar Disorder. Please consider purchasing this album, and Click Here to Visit

Click Here to watch rare performance footage of Sean Costello playing one of my favorite tracks from the CD – an incredible cover of Rod Stewart’s “You Wear It Well.”

1. Deak Harp – Ridin The Rails – Clarksdale Breakdown
2. Altered Five Blues Band – I’m In Deep – Cryin’ Mercy
3. Johnny Drummer – One Size Fit All – Bad Attitude
4. Robin Banks – Bite Your Toungue – Modern Classic
5. Richard Ray Farrell – Stir Crazy – Shoe Shoppin’ Woman
6. Sista Jean & CB – Alabama Bound – Two-Song EP
7. Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson – I Want You To Love Me –
For Pops: A Tribute To Muddy Waters
8. The Bruce Katz Band – Amelia – Homecoming
9. John Németh – My Baby’s Gone – Memphis Grease
10. Benny Turner – Don’t You Ride My Mule – Journey
11. Georgie Bonds – Lord, Oh Lord – Stepping Into Time
12. Mannish Boys – I Can Always Dream – Wrapped Up And Ready
13. Sean Costello – I Went Wrong – In The Magic Shop

Enter to win Sista Jean and CB’s album Back To The Root &
their EP 2 Song Double Pack!

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