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This week’s shift inside the home for new & independent Blues music features a playlist built around the various stages of love. There’s songs of courtship, heartache, passion, and lasting commitment. The best part? The songs are truly incredible. There are tracks from Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, Igor Prado Band with Kim Wilson, and a new Blues album by legendary troubador Steve Earle.


This week’s featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Always There For Me” by Joe Filisko and Eric Noden, The Roots Duo. It comes off their new album On The Move, which is one of two new albums that the two men are involved in. The other release is Eric Noden Band’s Solid Ground.

Eric Noden has his hands in nearly every facet of the Blues, including singing, guitar, producing and teaching. The Ohio native relocated to Chicago in the early 90’s. It didn’t take him long to meet Joe Filisko and form a partnership. Filisko, himself, is an instructor and master of his instrument: the harmonica. He is highly regarded not only for his playing, but his building and customization of the instrument. You can get to know these men a little better by watching the video posted just below this week’s playlist. Check it out!


1. Igor Prado Band – Ride With Me Baby – Way Down South
2. Billy Walton Band – True Lovin Man – Wish For What You Want
3. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Something’s Got A Hold Of Me – Live In Amsterdam
4. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Won’t You Stay – Send The Nightengale
5. Cathy Lemons – It All Went Down The Drain – Black Crow
6. Neil Barnes – Tears, Tears and More Tears – Hyde And Seek
7. Coco Montoya – It’s My Own Tears – The Best Of Coco Montoya
8. Mark Hummel – Lovey Dovey Lovely One – The Hustle Is Really On
9. Steve Earle & the Dukes – You’re the Best Lover That I Ever Had – Terraplane
10. David Egan – Every Tear – David Egan
11. Patti Parks – Everyday – Cheat’N Man
12. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden – Always There For Me – On The Move

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