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This week’s shift inside the home for new & independent Blues music adopted an unintentional theme. When work began on this episode, it started like any other; but as I started to flesh out the show, it became clear that most of the artists featured draw on a wide spectrum of genre influences and frame their Blues around these diverse styles. You’ll hear Folk, Gospel, Country, Rock and Soul standing shoulder to shoulder in the songs, this week. You’ll also hear music from top names like Eden Brent, Bob Dylan, Jorma Kaukonen and Johnny Winter.

Courtesy Eclecto Groove Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Reason To Bleed,” the title track from California-based duo My Own Holiday. The young pair play Rock music that has a distinct Blues influence. The album Reason To Bleed features 13 original songs and it is available now from Delta Groove Music subsidiary Eclecto Groove Music. You can find out more information on the band’s Official Facebook Page.
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Listening to this week’s playlist inspired me to take a brief second during the show and offer some thoughts on the current state of the Blues and the discussion amongst fans about how to reach a younger audience. Don’t miss it, and comment below with your thoughts!

1. Fife & Drom – Wicked Tongue – Introducing Fife & Drom EP
2. Michael Jerome Brown – Bull Doze Blues – Sliding Delta
3. Eric Bibb – Rosewood – Blues People
4. Jorma Kaukonen – The Terrible Operation – Ain’t In No Hurry
5. Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers – Hey Bully – Sin Comin’ On EP
6. Bob Dylan – That Lucky Old Sun – Shadows In The Night
7. Eden Brent – The Last Time – Jigsaw Heart
8. Michael Hardie – A Love Like Mine – REAL
9. Johnny Winter – Blue Monday (feat. Dr. John) – Step Back
10. The Voodoo Fix – Hard To Change (Let It Go) – Step Right Up EP
11. Rev Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys – Hawiian Boogie #3 – Live at the Red Rocket
12. Eliza Neals – Pretty Gritty – Breaking And Entering
13. My Own Holiday – Reason To Bleed – Reason To Bleed

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