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Each year, right around Easter, it provides me with the perfect time to produce one of my favorite special episodes: The Spiritual Side of the Blues. The great American music has always walked a fine line between the sacred and the profane; and as we’ll see, the Blues and the Christian faith have an incredible number of parallel themes. In the end, though, it all stems out of the hope for a better tomorrow. This week, that hope comes in the form of spirituals, Gospel-inflected Blues tunes, and prayers through song.

Courtesy McC Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” this week is “That’s Enough” by The McCrary Sisters. The track comes off their brand new album, Let’s Go, which just came out on McC Records.

The McCrary Sisters are the daughters of Rev. Samuel McCrary, a longtime member of The Fairfield Four. They grew up surrounded by music and faith, and performed from an early age in one form or another. Their signature harmonies have been in constant demand by music artists from a wide range in genres and levels of fame. Bob Dylan, Paul Thorn and Mike Farris are just an incredible few of the big names who have sought out these sisters to have them sing on their works.

The McCrary Sisters released their debut album in 2011, and Let’s Go is only their third record. With it, though, they are front and center, crafting an incredible record with producer Buddy Miller. Let’s Go is available now from a variety of sources, and you can find out more information about the women, the music and more on their official website,

Programming Note: I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. For the first time, I’m expanding the Spiritual Side of the Blues programming to two weeks on Full-Time Blues Radio. Next week, I’ll be joined for conversation by Dr. Gary Burnett, author of the new book The Gospel According To The Blues. We’ll discuss the Blues, faith, civil rights and much more. Don’t Miss It! – Johnny Full-Time

1. The McCrary Sisters – Let’s Go – Let’s Go
2. Kelley Hunt – Golden Hour – The Beautiful Bones
3. Neil Barnes – Don’t Let the Devil Ride – Hyde And Seek
4. Toots Lorraine – Wade In The Water – Make It Easy
5. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Take Us Swiftly Home – Send The Nightengale
6. Kirk Davis – Going With the Lord – Blues And Greys
7. Mike Farris – Real Fine Day – Shine For All The People
8. Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls – Hallelujah Lord – Soul Brothers
9. Flora Molton – In the Little Country Town Where I Was Born – I Want To Be Ready To Hear God When He Calls
10. Jeff Jensen – Going Home – Morose Elephant
11. Michael Jerome Brown – Choose Your Seat and Sit Down – Sliding Delta
12. Rory Block – Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader – Hard Luck Child: A Tribute To Skip James
13. Jorma Kaukonen – Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me – Ain’t In No Hurry
14. The McCrary Sisters – That’s Enough – Let’s Go

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