The Vinyl Report: Big Mama Thornton

Two classic albums from one of the greatest Blues shouters of all time will be re-released April 21, 2015 on limited edition vinyl LP. Arhoolie Records is reissuing Big Mama Thornton’s In Europe and The Queen At Monterey, and each album will be pressed on their own distinct colored vinyl.

thornton-ineuropeIn Europe, originally released in 1966, was recorded on October 20, 1965 as a part of the Folk Blues Festival tour that crossed Europe that year. Thornton was backed by a legendary band that consisted of Buddy Guy (guitar,) Big Walter “Shakey” Horton (harmonica,) Fred Below (drums,) Eddie Boyd (keys,) and Jimmie Lee Robinson (bass.)

This new LP of In Europe comes in full mono, with the platter pressed in red vinyl limited to 500 copies.

thornton-montereyBig Mama: The Queen At Monterey, also known as Big Mama Thornton With Muddy Waters Blues Band and Big Mama And The Chicago Blues Band was also originally released in 1966. As you may have guessed, Willie Mae Thornton is backed by Muddy Waters and his knockout lineup of Blues heavyweights that include Otis Spann (keys,) James Cotton (harmonica,) Sammy Lawhorn (guitar,) Luther Johnson (bass,) and Fracis Clay (drums.)

This record was cut from Big Mama’s performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival 1966, and the new LP release is pressed in a translucent gold platter that is limited to 500 copies.

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Images used courtesy Arhoolie Records.


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