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There has been a large wave of brand new album arrivals to the studios of our show that feature some top notch harmonica players. With that in mind, it seemed like a no-brainer to dedicate an entire episode to the ol’ Mississippi saxophone. So, enjoy some tremendous playing with an hour of new harmonica Blues. Nearly half of the songs featured this week are either just into our mailbox.

Courtesy West Tone Records

Courtesy West Tone Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Change in the Weather” by The Lucky Losers – vocalist Cathy Lemons and vocalist/harmonica player Phil Berkowitz. The duo recorded the new album, A Winning Hand with the help of their west coast Blues brethren, including producer/guitarist Kid Andersen! A Winning Hand is available now from West Tone Records. Cathy and Phil have put together a touring band to promote the album on the road, and you can find complete information about the band, the album, and much more on their official website

1. Omar Coleman – Man Like Me – Born & Raised
2. Johnny Tanner – Blue Vapor – Juke Joint Rambler
3. The Cash Box Kings – Sugar Pea – Holding Court
4. Tad Robinson – While You Were Gone – Day Into Night
5. Brandon Santini – No Matter What I Do – Live & Extended
6. Henry Gray & Bob Corritore – Trouble Blues – The Henry Gray/Bob Corritore Sessions, Vol. 1: Blues Won’t Let Me Take My Rest
7. The RV’s ft. Billy Gibson – Get Back (Single)
8. Hank Mowery – Excuses Plenty – Excuses Plenty
9. The Nighthawks – Guard My Heart – Back Porch Party
10. Lynwood Slim – Found Love – Hard To Kill
11. Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson – I Don’t Know Why – For Pops:
A Tribute To Muddy Waters

12. The Lucky Losers – Change in the Weather – A Winning Hand

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