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In this episode of Full-Time Blues Radio, you will hear not just a wide variety of Blues styles, but 10 of the 13 tracks come off albums that just showed up recently. All but one of the records receiving spins are 2015 releases, but even that lone 2014 disc is a new arrival, too. The show kicks off with Travis Bowlin’s new single, “See You Again.” Scroll below this week’s playlist and watch the official music video for the song.

Courtesy Music Road Records

Courtesy Music Road Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Hich-wyah Man” by Lance Canales. It comes off his new album, The Blessing And The Curse. That record will be released later this summer on Music Road Records. The best way to stay informed about everything regarding Lance Canales is by visiting his official website,

Lance and his band, The Flood, play Roots music influenced deeply by the Blues. That influence is evident in both the song arrangements and in the songwriting content. However, it goes beyond just being a fan. Despite being generations apart, Lance Canales grew up with a similar life experience to his Delta heroes, witnessing lives of hard work and the dream of something better.

1. Travis Bowlin – See You Again (Single)
2. John Cocuzzi – Kambucha Boogie – Ding Dong Daddy
3. Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers – Living By the Minute – Living By The Minute
4. Soul Suga & Diane Durrett – Butter’s in the Skillet – Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
5. Deb Ryder – Round and Around – Let It Rain
6. Mitch Mann – Tom Clark – Blackwater Creek
7. Arthur James – 292 Nashua St. – Me, Myself & I
8. The Betty Fox Band – Slow Burn – Slow Burn
9. Eric Lindell – It’s My Pleasure – The Best Of Eric Lindell
10. Lazer Lloyd – Love Yourself – Lazer Lloyd
11. My Own Holiday – Devil In Me – Reason To Bleed
12. Swampcandy – Hey Hey – Land
13. Lance Canales – Hich-wyah Man – The Blessing And The Curse

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