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This week, we celebrate Independence Day with a playlist honoring These United States of the Blues! Each song in the show features a different state in the title (although I did sneak in the “Star Spangled Banner.”) There’s no way we could fit 50 songs into this hour; but the selection of tunes is phenomenal, and it upholds our promise to bring you the widest variety of new Blues music.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend! – Johnny Full-Time

1. Patrick Sweany – Leave Ohio – That Old Southern Drag
2. Shawn Holt and the Teardrops – Down In Virginia – Daddy Told Me
3. Mike Zito – Gone to Texas – Gone To Texas
4. RJ Mischo – Minnesota Woman – Make It Good
5. Nasty Ned – Star Spangled Banner – Roots 52
6. Wes Mackey – Thank You Carolina – Life Is A Journey
7. Evan Watson – Indiana – A Town Called Blue
8. Guy Davis – Georgia Rag – The Adventures Of Fishy Waters: In Bed With The Blues
9. Valerie June – Tennessee Time – Pushin’ Against A Stone
10. Microwave Dave & The Nukes – Alabama Saturday Night – Last Time I Saw You
11. Wanda Jackson – California Stars – Unfinished Business
12. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Mississippi Sun – Send The Nightingale
13. AZ Kenny Tsak and 56 Deluxe – Down South Florida – Like We Do! Live
14. Eric Noden Band – Alaska – Solid Ground

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