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This week’s show begins with a selection from a brand new compilation of classic music by the legendary Dr. John. It ends with a truly independent release that captures the rawness of great pre-war Blues sounds. In between, you’ll hear a broad spectrum of Blues sounds that include recent selections and brand new arrivals.

Courtesy Sugar Brown

Courtesy Sugar Brown

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Burn It Down” by Sugar Brown. It comes off his new, independently released record Poor Lazarus, which is available everywhere beginning September 4, 2015. Sugar Brown is Dr. Ken Kawashima, a professor in East Asian studies and a scholar of music. He channels his passion for Blues into the music that he plays and records.

We really enjoyed his debut recording, 2014’s Sugar Brown’s Sad Day; and now he returns with a new mix of original compositions and cover tunes. There are versions of songs by RL Burnside, Frankie Lee Sims and Tom Waits. Sugar Brown also composed music to accompany words penned by classic author Lewis Carrol, for two cuts on this disc. The best way to stay up to date on the album’s release, Sugar Brown, and his tour dates, is his official website. You can find it at

1. Dr. John – Wash Mama Wash – The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974
2. DL Duncan – All I Have To Offer You Is Love – DL Duncan
3. Voo Davis – Void – Midnight Mist
4. Andy T-Nick Nixon Band – Deep Blue Sea – Numbers Man
5. Harrison Kennedy – Crocodile Lies – This Is From Here
6. The Blues Overdrive – Daughter of the Devil – Clinch
7. Moondog Medicine Show – The Day After Yesterday – Let It Go
8. Smoky Greenwell – Back to the Boogie – New Orleans Blues Jam
9. Will Johns – Last Page Of The Blues (Single)
10. Chris James and Patrick Rynn – Steady Goin’ On – Trouble Don’t Last
11. Rob Stone – Wait Baby – Gotta Keep Rollin’
12. Pokey LaFarge – When Did You Leave Heaven – Something In The Water
13. Sugar Brown – Burn It Down – Poor Lazarus

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