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The mailbox of new music arrivals was stocked with big time releases from Shemekia Copeland, Mitch Woods and Guy Davis, as well as truly independent albums of great new music. Make sure to scroll below the playlist, so you can watch Guy Davis and Fabrizio Poggi perform “Little Red Rooster” live. They recorded the song for the new album Kokomo Kidd, which is available now from MC Records.

Courtesy Armadillo

Courtesy Armadillo

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “I Can’t Stand It.” It comes off the new album Hold On A Little Longer by Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges. This is a solid album from front to back, and it features 15 tracks. Out of those songs, only two of them were not written by Bridges, himself. The album easily moves from classic Rhythm and Blues, to straight ahead Soul, to Texas Blues, and more. Our featured song, “I Can’t Stand It,” is a great piece of songwriting; and it appears in a section of this album that features an incredibly stout run of songs!

Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges is almost constantly touring, whether it’s in the US, Europe, Australia, or somewhere else. You can find out more information about Bridges, his tour schedule, and this new album when you visit his Official Facebook Page. The new album, Hold On A Little Longer, is available now from Armadillo Music. Click Here for Info and Song Samples

1. Diane Blue – Man About Town – Blues In My Soul
2. Shemekia Copeland – Jesus Just Left Chicago – Outskirts Of Love
3. Mike Farris – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow – Shine For All The People
4. Midnite Johnny – Like Elmore James – So Complicated
5. Omar Coleman – Tell Me What You Want – Born And Raised
6. Guy Davis – Cool Drink Of Water – Kokomo Kidd
7. Lemon Nash – Please Give Me Black and Brown – Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour
8. Mitch Woods – Bright Lights Big City – Jammin’ On The high Seas
9. Joel Zoss – Follow Me I’ll Turn Your Money Green – Florida Blues
10. Billy The Kid & The Regulators – Ain’t Gotta Prove Nothing – I Can’t Change
11. Debbie Davies – Love Spin – Love Spin
12. Joe Moss – Rich Folks – Manifesto
13. Eugene Hideaway Bridges – I Can’t Stand It – Hold On A Little Bit Longer

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