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This week, you will hear a couple live cuts, some guitar based Blues, a healthy amount of harmonica, and a set of spiritually influenced tunes. The vast majority of songs played this week are 2015 releases, with more than half of the playlist coming off brand new arrivals to the studio.

Courtesy Deep Fryed Records

Courtesy Deep Fryed Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Struttin'” from the sophomore album by Nikki Hill, Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists. The album is available now from independent label Deep Fryed Records. You can purchase it through all major digital retailers like Amazon.

Nikki has had a whirlwind career, thus far. She is solidifying herself at the forefront of the vintage R&B revolution by crafting authentic original music in a classic style that could easily fit in any era. A few years ago, she wasn’t even singing professionally; but the encouragement of her husband, Blues guitarist and singer Matt Hill, placed Nikki in the spotlight, and we all found out it’s where she belongs. She released an EP in 2012, a second EP and her debut full length album in 2013, and toured extensively before heading into the studio with her band to craft this new CD. You can find out more about Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists, Nikki Hill, and her tour schedule on her official website

1. Kevin Selfe – Don’t Tear Me Down – Buy My Soul Back
2. Calvin Conway – Ring Me When You’re Ready – Dark Horse Deluxe
3. Westside Andy – Just Cuz – Blues Just Happen
4. Andy Santana & The West Coast Playboys – One Way Love Affair – Watch Your Step
5. Lonnie Mack – Riding The Blinds (Live) – Best of Lonnie Mack
6. Karen Lovely – Always Love you (Ben’s Song) – Ten Miles Of Bad Road
7. Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames – Take Me Back – Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames
8. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Scream at the Night – So Delicious
9. Sam Butler – Lead Me Father – Raise Your Hands!
10. Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires – Adam and the Devil – Distillations of the Blues
11. J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers – God Fearing People – Wild Moon
12. Nikki Hill – Struttin’ – Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists

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