Listen: Episode 1614

There are a broad variety of Blues styles represented, this week. The new arrivals make up over half of the playlist. There is a Vinyl Report segment detailing Joe Bonamassa’s new LP, and there is a set of inspirational songs toward the end of the broadcast to encourage you.

Courtesy Alligator Records

Courtesy Alligator Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Walk A Mile In My Blues” by Curtis Salgado. This is one of 11 deeply personal songs written by Curtis for his brand new album, The Beautiful Lowdown.

Curtis had his hands in every aspect of this album’s creation, and I believe that because he poured so much of himself into the project, it will go down as arguably his very best record. There are 12 total songs, including those 11 original compositions, and the closing track: a cover of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Hook Me Up.” Scroll below the playlist to watch the official music video for another one of these great new songs. The Beautiful Lowdown went on sale today through all major digital retailers, and in record stores around the world. You can find out complete information on Curtis Salgado, his music, and much more on his official website:

1. Jeff Plankenhorn – Dirty Floor – SoulSlide
2. The Mystix – Midnight In Mississippi – Rhythm & Roots
3. Mississippi Fever – Black Dress – 300 Miles To Memphis
4. Jeff Chaz – Hitchhiking in the Rain – Sounds Like The Blues To Me
5. Sam Butler – Presence of the Lord – Raise Your Hands
6. Angel Forrest – Hangman – Angel’s 11
7. Joe Bonamassa – Drive – Blues Of Desperation
8. Linsey Alexander – Little Bit of Soap – Come Back Baby
9. Harper And Midwest Kind – Show Your Love – Show Your Love
10. Eugene Hideaway Bridges – Definition of Me – Hold On Just A Little Bit Longer
11. Leo “Bud” Welch – Somebody Touched Me – Sabougla Voices
12. Curtis Salgado – Walk A Mile In My Blues – The Beautiful Lowdown

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One thought on “Listen: Episode 1614

  1. Thanks so very much for your kind attention to my music. I’m very excited and truly grateful to be on such a great playlist. …
    God Bless You And Yours!
    Jeff Chaz

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