Listen: Worldwide Blues (Episode 1617)

Blues may be the Great American Music, but it is truly a global phenomenon. That’s why on this episode, we undergo a transcontinental trip across the global Blues landscape and listen to an hour of Worldwide Blues. All 13 of the songs on this show came to us from outside of the USA.



The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Walkin’ Grave” by Steve Hill. It comes off his brand new album, Solo Recordings Volume 3. Steve has gone from one of Canada’s most promising talents, to a star on the rise in the global limelight. Hill has also all but perfected his one man band technique. On this new album, Steve sings, plays guitar, and also plays nearly an entire drum kit. Hill is also a songwriter, rounding out an amazing skill set.

Solo Recordings Volume 3 includes a dozen tracks that are made up of a mix of heavy Blues Rock tunes and more stripped down, acoustic Blues numbers. You can find out complete information about the album, as well as much more, on Steve’s official website

1. Joe Rusi – Make A Better World – Who I Am (Norway)
2. Kate Lush – Do You Know What Love Is – Kate Lush (Australia)
3. Cecil B. Fardoulli & The Big Boo – Take the Tin Lizzie – A Foot a’Tappin’ Boogie (Australia)
4. Ivor SK – Help Poor Me – Delta Pines (Australia)
5. J.T. Lauritsen & Friends – Ever Since The World Began – Play By The Rules (Norway)
6. Blues Point – I Should Be Happy – At A Crossroads (Poland)
7. The Real Gone Tones – Shake Your Hips – Hot Mess (Poland)
8. John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – Sweet Little Angel – Live In 1967 Volume 2 (United Kingdom)
9. Berdon Kirksaether – Cool Cats On The Move – Latenighters Under A Full Moon (Norway)
10. Eric Clapton – Can’t Let You Do It – I Still Do (United Kingdom)
11. Eddie Martin – I Wanna Groove With You – Blues Took Me By The Hand: Volume 2: The Electric Sessions (United Kingdom)
12. Tomislav Goluban – Boogie 44 – Blow Junkie (Croatia)
13. Steve Hill – Walkin’ Grave – Solo Recordings Volume 3 (Canada)

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Courtesy Electro-Fi Records

Courtesy Electro-Fi Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Railroad Song” by Blackburn. It comes off the album Brothers In This World, which is available from Electro-Fi Records. Blackburn draws on nearly all of the elements in the African music family tree to influence their Blues sound. Duane, Cory and Brooke Blackburn were surrounded by music as the sons of R&B pioneer Bobby Dean Blackburn. Bassist Andrew Stewart rounds out this impressive roster, and helps provide the foundation for these terrific songs. Complete information on the band, their music and more is available online at

jackiepayneThis episode features the song “Feel Like Doing My Thing” by Jackie Payne. It’s off his new album I Saw The Blues. Jackie suffered a stroke last fall, and has made a great recovery. Unfortunately, he has mounting medical bills. One of the very best ways you can show your support is to purchase Jackie’s music!

Click Here to Purchase the New Album

1. Hans Theesink & Terry Evans – Bourgeois Blues – True & Blue
2. Delta Moon – Nothing You Can Tell A Fool – Low Down
3. The Alastair Greene Band – The Sweetest Honey – Trouble At Your Door
4. Michael Falzarano – We Got A Party Going On – I Got Blues For Ya
5. Roy Book Binder – It Coulda Been Worse – The Good Book
6. Stacy Jones – Keep On Keepin On – Whiskey, Wine, & Water
7. Roomful Of Blues – I’ll Keep On Trying – The Best Of Roomful of Blues –
The Alligator Records Years

8. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – So Many Roads – Live In 1967
9. Isaiah B Brunt – The River Runs High – Just The Way That It Goes
10. Jackie Payne – Feel Like Doing My Thing – I Saw The Blues
11. Dr. John – I’ve Got The World On A String Feat. Bonnie Raitt – Ske-Dat-De-Dat…
The Spirit Of Satch

12. Eight O’ Five Jive – I’ve Got A Feeling – Too Many Men
13. Blackburn – Railroad Song – Brothers In This World

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