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This week’s program is different than any other in the nearly eight year history of Full-Time Blues Radio. It is a respectful look at mental illness through recent Blues songs and educational information. John Luttrell, executive producer of our show, comes to listeners in the beginning of the program to explain that this episode was created after a conversation with a loved one who is battling clinical depression. Below, you will find links and contact information to organizations that offer help to those battling mental illness, and those who want to help others.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – 800.950.6264
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800.273.8255
Mental Health America – 800.969.6642
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – 877.726.4727 Depression Fact Sheet
Sean Costello Memorial Fund For Bi-Polar Research

In this episode, Johnny Full-Time talked about a song by pop music group Gnarls Barkley, “Just A Thought,” that deals with suicidal thoughts. If you scroll below this week’s playlist, you can watch a music video featuring this incredible song.

1. Bob Malone – I’m Not Fine – Mojo Deluxe
2. The Delta Saints – Crazy – Drink It Slow EP
3. The Reverend Shawn Amos – Days Of Depression –
The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You
4. Pat Travers – White Room – Covering Clapton: From Cream and Beyond
5. Lara Price – Crazy Lucy – I Mean Business
6. Walter Trout – Almost Gone – Battle Scars
7. Cheryl Lescom & the Tuscon Choir Boys – Nice Mix of Crazy – 1953
8. Too Slim & the Taildraggers – Good To See You Smile Again – Anthology
9. Ray Goren – Can’t Live Like This – Save My Soul EP
10. JJ Thames – Can You Let Somebody Else Be Strong – Tell You What I Know
11. Beth Hart – Tell ‘Em To Hold On – Better Than Home

WARNING: Content may not be suitable for all audiences. Thanks to YouTube user Silas Addington.

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BB King Health Update

Update 5/4/2015: Blues fans around the world continue to pray, following the news late last week that BB King was receiving home hospice care.


He had been hospitalized in early April, and an ambulance was dispatched to his Las Vegas home late last week. The 89-year-old legend is diabetic, and is battling high blood pressure, as well.

The story became the cause of controversy, however, due to a report by gossip website TMZ, who claimed that one of Mr. King’s daughters had called police out of anger at the treatment her father was receiving. Members of BB’s family are reportedly trying to wrestle power of attorney away from his longtime business manager, Laverne Toney.

The interference by tabloid media outlets has grieved the hearts of friends and fans of BB King, many of whom took to social media to criticize private pictures made public and the media’s treatment of the story. The Associated Press reports that they attempted to contact Patty King, but were unsuccessful.

Here at Full-Time Blues Radio, we wish to offer heartfelt prayers to BB King, his loved ones and fans; and celebrate the amazing life he has shared with us all for decades. God bless you, BB. You are loved now and forever. – Johnny Full-Time

Previously 10/7/2014: Representatives within BB King’s camp are thanking fans for their support, and informing folks that the King of the Blues is recovering at home. King fell ill October 3, 2014 during a performance at Chicago’s House of Blues. He was evaluated by a doctor, who diagnosed him with dehydration and exhaustion.

BB King is a diabetic who just celebrated his 89th birthday on September 16th. He was forced to cancel the remaining eight shows on this current concert tour. Earlier this year, BB King held a concert performance in St. Louis that was panned by many fans in attendance. Reps for Mr. King cited a medication error as the reason for the show they described “…did not match Mr. King’s usual standard of excellence.”

BB King Facebook