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The Easter holiday gave us a perfect layover to stack up a healthy selection of new Blues CDs in our mailbox. This week features several of those albums, beginning with the title track off the new album by Janiva Magness. Love Wins Again is available now, and you can Click Here to Listen to my archived interview with Janiva Magness! From there, we hear a ton of great new Blues releases, including music by Guy King. Scroll below this week’s playlist to watch a video of Guy in the studio discussing his new album, Truth, and a seocnd video for his new song, “My Happiness.”

Courtesy Black Hen

Courtesy Black Hen

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Driver’s Wheel” by Steve Dawson. Steve is a Vancouver native, who has since relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. For this new album, he assembled a full band, and incorporated many traditional Roots music styles into his Blues. It is a stark contrast to his stripped down, instrumental album released in 2014. The new set is available digitally, on CD, or on 180 gram double vinyl LP! You can purchase the vinyl, learn more about Steve Dawson, and listen to his new podcast on his official website –

1. Janiva Magness – Love Wins Again – Love Wins Again
2. Brothers Brown – Hurricane – Dusty Road
3. John Campbelljohn Trio – Stop Making Excuses – Chin Up
4. Waydown Wailers – Susie Q – Empty Promises
5. Little G Weevil – Back Porch – The Teaser
6. Delta Generators – Feel No Pain – Hipshakers And Heartbreakers
7. Igor Prado Band – Shake and Fingerpop – Way Down South
8. Guy King – A Day In A Life With The Blues – Truth
9. Trudy Lynn – Let My Daddy Do That – Everything Comes With A Price
10. Mark Cameron – Somewhere Down The Line – Playing Rough
11. The Texas Horns – Kick Me Again – Blues Gotta Holda Me
12. Damon Fowler – Alison – Sounds Of Home
13. Steve Dawson – Driver’s Wheel – Solid States & Loose Ends

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In this episode of Full-Time Blues Radio, you will hear not just a wide variety of Blues styles, but 10 of the 13 tracks come off albums that just showed up recently. All but one of the records receiving spins are 2015 releases, but even that lone 2014 disc is a new arrival, too. The show kicks off with Travis Bowlin’s new single, “See You Again.” Scroll below this week’s playlist and watch the official music video for the song.

Courtesy Music Road Records

Courtesy Music Road Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Hich-wyah Man” by Lance Canales. It comes off his new album, The Blessing And The Curse. That record will be released later this summer on Music Road Records. The best way to stay informed about everything regarding Lance Canales is by visiting his official website,

Lance and his band, The Flood, play Roots music influenced deeply by the Blues. That influence is evident in both the song arrangements and in the songwriting content. However, it goes beyond just being a fan. Despite being generations apart, Lance Canales grew up with a similar life experience to his Delta heroes, witnessing lives of hard work and the dream of something better.

1. Travis Bowlin – See You Again (Single)
2. John Cocuzzi – Kambucha Boogie – Ding Dong Daddy
3. Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers – Living By the Minute – Living By The Minute
4. Soul Suga & Diane Durrett – Butter’s in the Skillet – Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
5. Deb Ryder – Round and Around – Let It Rain
6. Mitch Mann – Tom Clark – Blackwater Creek
7. Arthur James – 292 Nashua St. – Me, Myself & I
8. The Betty Fox Band – Slow Burn – Slow Burn
9. Eric Lindell – It’s My Pleasure – The Best Of Eric Lindell
10. Lazer Lloyd – Love Yourself – Lazer Lloyd
11. My Own Holiday – Devil In Me – Reason To Bleed
12. Swampcandy – Hey Hey – Land
13. Lance Canales – Hich-wyah Man – The Blessing And The Curse

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This week’s shift inside the home for new & independent Blues music features a great mix of songs. The episode features acoustic bookends from Blind-Dog Gatewood and Bill Phillippe. There’s a set of Soul Blues tunes near the front of the show, and some heavier, Rock infused tracks toward the back end. In the middle there’s some great harmonica work, and a couple of slow Blues tunes.

Courtesy Arkansas Street Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “God Don’t Never Change” by Bill Phillippe. Bill’s new album is Ghosts, and it features original compositions alongside some of the great Blues tunes from the past.

Bill’s love for the Blues became a rabid lust to immerse himself in the great American music; and he began researching the history of the legendary artists and songs in Delta Blues. Ghosts features 13 songs, including many originals, as well as songs recorded by Robert Johnson, Son House, and others. “God Don’t Never Change” is one of my personal favorite songs recorded by Blind Willie Johnson. For complete album information, Bill Phillippe’s calendar, videos and more – Click Here to Visit

Ghosts is available now through all major digital retailers. Remember, if you plan to purchase it through Amazon – Click the banner on the right hand side of our website. They will give Full-Time Blues Radio a referral fee, which helps keep this show free. Thank You!

1. Blind-Dog Gatewood – Gone to California – Ashbrooke Sessions
2. Frank Bey & Anthony Paule Band – Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday (Single)
3. Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Soul Brothers
4. Donald Ray Johnson – Slow Down Baby – These Blues: The Best Of Donald Ray Johnson
5. Richard “Rip Lee” Pryor – Lonesome – Nobody But Me
6. Harmonica Shah – Ship Made of Paper (Alternate Version) –
Raw And Acoustic: The Detroit Sessions Vol. 2
7. Blue Lunch – Venita – Above The Fold
8. Elvin Bishop – Let Your Woman Have Her Way ft. Mickey Thomas –
Can’t Even Do Wrong Right
9. Dana Fuchs – How Did Things Get This Way – Songs From The Road CD/DVD
10. The Delta Saints – Boogie – Death Letter Jubilee
11. Uzi Ramirez – I Wanna Be Your Man – Lick My Heart
12. Bill Phillippe – God Don’t Never Change – Ghosts

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Pack your suitcase, this week, Full-Time Blues Radio is globetrotting across the planet with some Worldwide Blues. “The Great American Music” may have been born here, but it’s roots began overseas, and the music has grown to captivate artists and audiences in every nation. This week’s episode of the show sets out to prove that with a small sample of the Blues beyond our borders. As you look at the playlist, this week, note the parentheses that feature the nation each artist or band hails from. There are 13 songs on this week’s show, and there are 13 countries represented – none of which are the United States.



The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Make It Right,” by Drew Nelson. It appears on his 2014 release The Other Side. Drew Nelson formed a career as a touring musician in Canada, before walking away from it all for roughly eight years. The itch to return to music was spurred on by Steve Marriner, who encouraged Nelson to begin making music once again. Drew and Steve formed a bond when a young Steve Marriner would be welcomed on stage to jam with Drew Nelson’s band. Steve Marriner produced the new album, plays harmonica on some of the tracks, and also helped flesh out some of the songwriting. It’s truly a return to form for Drew Nelson, and the finished product is an album of 11 songs that is gaining buzz across Canada and beyond.

The Other Side is a truly independent release, and it is available now. You can find more information about this album, about Drew Nelson, and so much more, by simply visiting his official website –

1. Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Denmark) – Play On – Too Many Roads
2. Ari Frello (Brazil) – Crossroads – A Simple Man Until The End
3. Hans Theessink (Netherlands) – Kathmandu – Wishing Well
4. Dani Dorchin (Israel) – Take Your Time – One Man Band
5. Little G. Weevil (Hungary) – Moving – Moving
6. The Stayers (Australia) – House Working Man – About Time
7. Bobby Dirninger (France) – Gogo Town – In The End…And Even More
8. Joanne Shaw Taylor (England) – Diamonds in the Dirt – Songs From The Road
9. Makuini (New Zealand) – I Got My Mojo Working – Blues In My Bones
10. Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings (Norway) – Go Cat Go – Latenighters Under A Full Moon
11. Sandi Thom (Scotland) – Sun Comes Crashing Down – Flesh & Blood
12. Linda Valori (Italy) – Your Love is so Doggone Good – Days Like This
13. Drew Nelson (Canada) – Make It Right – The Other Side

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The Home for New & Independent Blues Music turns up the heat with a selection of a dozen tracks, all but one of which come from 2014 releases! There’s something for everyone here, from the soulful opener, to the set of live acoustic Blues, to a selection of Blues-Rock songs!

As a special treat, scroll below this week’s playlist to watch a live performance video of The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. The duo has a new album, A Real Fine Mess, which kicks off this episode. In 2012, Full-Time Blues introduced you to The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, when Johnny Full-Time sat down with Shawn Hall for conversation and music. Click Here to Listen to the Archived Interview

Courtesy Blind Pig Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is the instrumental “Frankenbop” by Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers. It comes off their brand new album Emergency Situation; an album that marks the band’s return to Blind Pig Records. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers first teamed with Blind Pig 10 years ago to release Keepin’ It Real. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers are touring in support of the new album, with plenty of festival stops. This fall, they’ll head to Europe, bringing their brand of Blues across the seas. For more information about Emergency Situation, tour dates and much more, visit

1. The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer – Feel Me Now – A Real Fine Mess
2. Ian Siegal – Mortal Coil Shuffle – Man & Guitar
3. John Hammond – Tell Me Mama – Live At The Rogue
4. Rev KM Williams – Goin on Down The Tracks – Jukin’ In The Holy Land
5. Nick Moss Band – Death Letter Blues – Time Ain’t Free
6. Grady Champion – South Side – Bootleg Whiskey
7. Rick Estrin & The Nightcats – That’s Big – You Asked For It…Live!
8. Blind Lemon Pledge – Buley’s Farm – Evangeline
9. The Alastair Greene Band – Last Train Around The Sun – Trouble At Your Door
10. Dave Fields – Changes In My Life – All In
11. Roscoe Levee & The Southern Slide – Howitzer Eyes – Get It While You Can
12. Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers – Frankenbop – Emergency Situation

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