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The new 2016 releases are starting to trickle into the mailbox here at the workshop. There are three 2016 albums featured in this playlist, along with three 2015 albums that have never been featured on the show. In addition, Johnny Full-Time takes a few moments to honor the late Otis Clay, and we’ll hear a pair of recent releases that feature the late Soul giant.

Courtesy Davide Pannozzo

Courtesy Davide Pannozzo

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Freedom.” The song is performed by Italian guitarist and singer Davide Pannozzo, and it appears on his EP 2015. The six-song set features a few songs off Davide’s previous full-length CD, A Portrait Of Jimi Hendrix. The EP also includes versions of “Feels Like Rain” (famously recorded by Buddy Guy) and Elmore James’ “It Hurts Me Too.”

Davide Pannozzo started playing classical guitar at the age of six, and he has incorporated that immense skill into his rock influenced Blues music, along with his love for guitarists like Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and others. Make sure to scroll down below this week’s playlist to watch Davide and his band perform another Hendrix cover, “If Six Was Nine.” You can also find complete information about Pannozzo, his music, and more at his official website,

1. Benny Turner – I Can’t Leave – When She’s Gone
2. Pinetop Perkins & Jimmy Rogers – For You My Love – Genuine Blues Legends
3. Laura Rain and the Caesars – Cherry Pickin’ – Gold
4. Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats – Kansas City Blues – The Avenue
5. EG Kight – Low Mileage Woman – A New Day
6. Billy Price & Otis Clay – You Got Me Hummin’ – This Time For Real
7. Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls – Poor Little Rich Girl – Soul Brothers
8. Tedeschi Trucks Band – Anyhow – Let Me Get By
9. Andy Cohen – Seldom Seen Slim – Road Be Kind
10. Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra – Shudder – Preach ‘Em Now! EP
11. Jack White – Entitlement – Lazaretto
12. Roscoe Levee & The Southern Slide – My Gospel – Get It While You Can
13. Davide Pannozzo – Freedom – EP 2015

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This shift of Full-Time Blues Radio features a fantastic selection that includes new releases from legendary names like Duke Robillard and Bobby Rush. There are also stellar tunes by young indie acts like Stolen Hearts and Jason Appleton & Jason Ricci.

Courtesy Delmark Records

Courtesy Delmark Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Snaggletooth Mule” by Jimmy Burns. It comes off his new release, It Ain’t Right, which is available now from Delmark Records. It Ain’t Right marks Jimmy’s return to Delmark Records, with the two previously coming together to release four albums previously. The most recent was the concert recording, Live At B.L.U.E.S., released in 2007.

There are 15 songs on It Ain’t Right, including the title cut, a song written by Little Walter. There are also covers of songs by The 5 Royales, Percy Mayfield, Jimmy Reed and Ben E. King. Billy Flynn wrote two new original songs for the disc. Jimmy Burns provides vocals, guitar and harmonica, as always; and he easily slides from Blues to Soul and ends the album with the traditional Gospel of “Wade in the Water.” You can find out more about Jimmy, his band and schedule, and much more, on his official website

1. Duke Robillard – Big Bill Blues – The Acoustic Roots & Blues Of Duke Robillard
2. JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci – Can’t Believe It’s This Good – Dirty Memory
3. Henry Gray & Bob Corritore – Let’s Get High – Vol. 1: Blues Won’t Let Me Take My Rest
4. Stolen Hearts – Already Alright – Dirty Southern Soul
5. Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots – Piana’s Savannah Boogie – Boom Town
6. Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio – How Can This Be – Live In Tuscany
7. Jimi Hocking & Rebecca Davey – Lonesome Day Blues – Live at the Royal Standard
8. Little Boys Blue – Death Letter Blues – Bad Love
9. Tommy McCoy – Sugar Cane – 25 Year Retrospective
10. Bobby Rush – I Wanna Do the Do – Chicken Heads: A 50 Year History Of Bobby Rush
11. Billy Price & Otis Clay – Somebody’s Changing My Sweet Baby’s Mind
This Time For Real
12. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone – Funky To The Bone
13. Jimmy Burns – Snaggletooth Mule – It Ain’t Right

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It’s an hour of hot music to chase your winter Blues away, this week, with the majority of songs featured coming from 2015 releases. The show kicks off with a salute to springtime by John Campbelljohn. In addition to the new selections, you’ll find marquee names like The Black Keys, Watermelon Slim, and JW Jones. One of the new releases featured is the self titled EP by Danielle Nicole. Danielle Schnebelen was one third of the highly regarded Blues trio Trampled Under Foot with her two brothers. That band was dissolved last year, and Danielle teamed with Anders Osborne, who produced the studio tracks on this new EP. The other two songs are recordings from Danielle’s appearance on The Bridge 90.9 in Kansas City.
Scroll below this week’s playlist to watch videos of those two performances!

Courtesy Jorge Salan

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is a cover of the Howlin Wolf track “Who’s Been Talking” by Jorge Salan and the Majestic Jaywalkers. It comes off the album Madrid//Texas, which features eight songs total, with additional covers of BB King and Robert Johnson.

Jorge Salan is from Spain and was kind enough to contact Full-Time Blues Radio right here on the website. He is known primarily as a Rock guitarist, but wanted to capture his love for the Blues with this new album. The guitar work is incendiary, calling to mind Joe Bonamassa’s fiery fretwork. Madrid//Texas is available now from all major digital retailers. Click Here to Sample Madrid//Texas on Amazon You can also find out more information on his official website,

1. John Campbelljohn – Good Morning Mr. Blue Sky ft. David Myles – Chin Up
2. James Day & the Fish Fry – Weather Blues – Southland
3. Watermelon Slim & the Workers – Prison Walls – Bull Goose Rooster
4. Dave Duncan – Heartache Who’s Time Has Come (Radio Single)
5. The Black Keys – It’s Up to You Now – Turn Blue
6. Danielle Nicole – You Only Need Me When You’re Down – Danielle Nicole EP
7. JW-Jones – Magic West Side Boogie – Belmont Boulevard
8. Breezy Rodio – The Day I Met You – So Close To It
9. Big Harp George – Smack Dab in the Middle – Chromaticism
10. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Something You Got – Funky To The Bone
11. Jack Mack & the Heart Attack Horns – Sha La La – Lookin Up EP
12. Sean Costello – Trust In Me – In The Magic Shop
13. Jorge Salán – Who’s Been Talking – Madrid//Texas

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Pack your suitcase, this week, Full-Time Blues Radio is globetrotting across the planet with some Worldwide Blues. “The Great American Music” may have been born here, but it’s roots began overseas, and the music has grown to captivate artists and audiences in every nation. This week’s episode of the show sets out to prove that with a small sample of the Blues beyond our borders. As you look at the playlist, this week, note the parentheses that feature the nation each artist or band hails from. There are 13 songs on this week’s show, and there are 13 countries represented – none of which are the United States.



The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Make It Right,” by Drew Nelson. It appears on his 2014 release The Other Side. Drew Nelson formed a career as a touring musician in Canada, before walking away from it all for roughly eight years. The itch to return to music was spurred on by Steve Marriner, who encouraged Nelson to begin making music once again. Drew and Steve formed a bond when a young Steve Marriner would be welcomed on stage to jam with Drew Nelson’s band. Steve Marriner produced the new album, plays harmonica on some of the tracks, and also helped flesh out some of the songwriting. It’s truly a return to form for Drew Nelson, and the finished product is an album of 11 songs that is gaining buzz across Canada and beyond.

The Other Side is a truly independent release, and it is available now. You can find more information about this album, about Drew Nelson, and so much more, by simply visiting his official website –

1. Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Denmark) – Play On – Too Many Roads
2. Ari Frello (Brazil) – Crossroads – A Simple Man Until The End
3. Hans Theessink (Netherlands) – Kathmandu – Wishing Well
4. Dani Dorchin (Israel) – Take Your Time – One Man Band
5. Little G. Weevil (Hungary) – Moving – Moving
6. The Stayers (Australia) – House Working Man – About Time
7. Bobby Dirninger (France) – Gogo Town – In The End…And Even More
8. Joanne Shaw Taylor (England) – Diamonds in the Dirt – Songs From The Road
9. Makuini (New Zealand) – I Got My Mojo Working – Blues In My Bones
10. Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings (Norway) – Go Cat Go – Latenighters Under A Full Moon
11. Sandi Thom (Scotland) – Sun Comes Crashing Down – Flesh & Blood
12. Linda Valori (Italy) – Your Love is so Doggone Good – Days Like This
13. Drew Nelson (Canada) – Make It Right – The Other Side

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