Episode 1611: Canadian Blues 2016

It’s been two years since Full-Time Blues Radio first explored the great new Blues coming down from Canada. This week provides us with a new opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the Great White North. You’ll hear brand new and recent releases from Canadian natives, and transplants to the country. These bands and artists have crafted highly acclaimed albums, and many perform around the world.

Courtesy True North

Courtesy True North

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Let’s Get Back” by Matt Andersen. Matt’s new CD is Honest Man, and it is available now from True North Records. Matt Andersen is a past winner of the International Blues Challenge; and while he has always utilized Blues in his sound, he has never let it define his music. Andersen takes Blue, Soul, Gospel, and other Roots styles, then infuses a Pop sensibility, and comes out on the other side with a sound that makes your heart soar as a listener.

Scroll below this week’s playlist to watch the official music video for “Honest Man.”
Click Here to visit Matt’s Official Website

1. Blackburn – Walking In New, New Orleans – Brothers In This World
2. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Addicted – Send The Nightingale
3. David Vest – Gone Too Far – Roadhouse Revelation
4. Terry Gillespie – The Devil Likes to Win – Bluesoul
5. Reno Jack the Bear – Lightning Fried – Lightning Fried
6. Jeff Healey – My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms –
The Best Of The Stony Plain Years: Vintage Jazz, Swing And Blues
7. MonkeyJunk – Hot Hot Papa (feat. David Wilcox) – Moon Turn Red
8. Cécile Doo-Kingué – Anybody Listening – Anybody Listening, Pt. 2: Dialogues
9. Andre Bisson – All I Need – Left With The Blues
10. Jake Chisholm – Swamp Stomp – No More Sorrow
11. Cheryl Lescom & the Tuscon Choir Boys – Too Much Time – 1953
12. David Gogo – Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Vicksburg Call
13. Matt Andersen – Let’s Get Back – Honest Man

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New release CDs for the summer keep rolling in, so our playlists are staying filled with music never before featured. 10 out of the 14 tracks played this week come off those such albums. In amongst them, there are releases from Sweden and Scotland! Sweden’s Kee Man Hawk kicked off the program, and you can watch the official music video for their killer song “Delta DC” by scrolling below the playlist and checking out the YouTube video.

Courtesy Vizztone

Courtesy Vizztone

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Workin’ Mama Is Gone” by Andra Faye & Scott Ballantine. It comes off their brand new album Coulda Woulda Shoulda. It is available now through a partnership with the Vizztone Label Group, and follows up on their independently released 2013 record Laying Down Our Blues.

Andra and Scott have been performing together for a few years, now. Scott has a virtuosity to his guitar playing that spans multiple genres. Andra is a multi-instrumentalist, beautiful vocalist, and talented songwriter who plays bass, mandolin, guitar and more. She has been performing for decades, most notably as a member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women, until the group retired from performing together.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda features 13 tracks, including eight original songs. You can find out more about the album and hear samples from every song by clicking here. You can also visit the duo’s official Facebook page for additional information, performance schedules, and more.

1. Kee Man Hawk – Black Creek Blues – Headin’ For The Sun
2. Kee Man Hawk – Delta DC – Headin’ For The Sun
3. Jeff Healey – Hong Kong Blues – The Best Of The Stony Plain Years
4. Michael Jerome Browne – Broke Down Engine – Sliding Delta
5. Jeremy McEwan – Mississippi Free (Single)
6. Duffy Kane – Roadhouse Boogie Woogie – Dead Man Walkin’
7. Laura Tate – Counting Up the Ways – I Must Be Dreaming
8. Macy Blackman & The Mighty Fines – Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me – Friskin’ The Whiskers
9. The Peterson Brothers – I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me) – The Peterson Brothers
10. Zoe Schwarz, Blue Commotion – I’ll Do Anything – I’ll Be Yours Tonight
11. Simon Kennedy Band – Show Them It’s True – Make Up Your Mind
12. Randy Volin and the Hard Ones – Mr. Johnson – Detroit Thang
13. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – Don’t Want To Be Alone – Fat Man’s Shine Parlor
14. Andra Faye & Scott Ballantine – Workin’ Mama Is Gone – Coulda Woulda Shoulda

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